#SuperCallCenter New!

£ 25

Price per hour. Service includes e.g
  • Phone calls
  • Emails
  • Chat
  • Orders, Claims
  • Customer service


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Accounting Services

£ 45

Price per hour. Service includes e.g
  • All accounting tasks
  • Financial management plans
  • Digital financial management initialization


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Marketing Communication

£ 42

Price per hour. Service includes e.g
  • Content Creation
  • Graphic Design
  • Campaigns
  • Communication


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Technical Gimmiks

£ 45

Price per hour. Service includes e.g
  • Marketing Automation
  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • Analytics


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Financial Administration

£ 42

Price per hour. Service includes e.g
  • Financial Administrations digitalisation
  • Financial Controller
  • Payroll
  • Bookkeeping tasks


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Runner Assistant

£ 32

Price per hour. Service includes e.g
  • Personal Assistant
  • Running Tasks


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Classic Secretary

£ 36

Price per hour. Service includes e.g
  • Lounge hostess
  • Office Assistant


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£ 32

Price per hour. Service includes e.g
  • Promoter


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£ 52

Price per hour. Service includes e.g
  • Communication and marketing strategies
  • Consulting


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Order a #Supercallcenter!

WANNADO’S SuperCallCenter answers your phone calls, checks your emails and helps your clients in a real-time chat. Whatever the problem, Wannado’s SuperAssistants will solve it quickly and efficiently, acting as your all-knowing helping hands. The key in our service is the flexible combination of sale oriented customer service and modern communication technology.

We take care of your phone, email and chat customer service needs! Customer service from 25€/hour + VAT and a customer service with an on duty from 4,95€/hour + VAT.

Buy yourself your very own accountant and pay only for the used hours.  We will be there for you whenever you need us, either at your side or remotely – whatever you fancy.

We turn your accounting into digital form and make it work better. We will follow your monthly and yearly cycle so you will constantly know what is done and what still needs our attention. We also communicate clearly.

More information; anna@wannado.fi / +358 44 998 6696

Blogs, social media channels, web page designs, content creating, newletters, graphic designs, logos, graphic instructions, campaigns, lotteries, prints, bulletins and what else? Well, everything what your company can possibly needs for marketing and communication.

We love commercialism and before we even start to do anything, we think what we need to sell and to whom. Rest takes are itself on its own. We love to produce high quality and profitable work, not only pretty pamphlets and cutesy ads. Not that we’d hate them, the pretty pamphlets and cutesy ads can be very profitable and high in quality when done right. And we know what “done right” means.

Don’t tell anyone, but frankly speaking we are a five-star design and marketing company, but without a blood curling price tag. Actually, we take that back: Tell everyone that we are an affordable five-star design and marketing company! We think that good communication should be at everyone’s disposal, especially nowadays, when times have changed and communication doesn’t require rocket building equipment. Communication is at everyone’s hands and we think the quality matters the most now.

We’ve got a full house of amazing marketing communicators! We’d say it’s our signature service.


Order a #FinanceAssistant

We rule the finances. Preferably digitally but we can handle a classic notebook, too, if that’s your cup of tea.

Debit and Credit will find their rightful places at the hands of FinanceAssistants – we easily take care of salaries, payments and that horrid bill pile, which will be gone sooner than you can say “Take care of it, please!”

Financial administration’s #SuperAssistant are essential to any entrepreneur’s mental health. We are specialized to tackle down difficult tax and authority problems, and co-operate with accounting firms to gather your months’ worth of reports into a pleasing pile. We know how to do this because we understand the life of an entrepreneur.

Oh yeah! If you feel you are left behind in this digital world, we help you to get your accounting management into a digital form. No sweat! #ProCountor


Order a #RunnerAssistant

Our Runner#SuperAssistants – commonly known also as triathlon assistants – will do all the running for you; fetches batteries and milk from the nearby store, gets some ointment to that rash from a pharmacy, and saves your already too long day by standing in the queue line at tele operator’s shop, because you forgot the prepaid cell phone plans for your trainees. On a way back to your company the assistant will get your pretty Ford Fiesta washed so carefully you can see your own reflection from it.

So, any task; will do!


Order a #PRAssistant!

Oh, this is something we are especially good at! We have learnt how to build the perfect fair traps so that leads have turned into an art form of their own, yielding amazing results. We ❤ PR.

We also have got the Straight From The Marketing Business Catalogue commercial agents, who will guide your important guests with a warm smile to the right from the first corner, then stair up and the first door on left hand is the toilet.


Order a #TechAssistant!

We’ll bake you an oven fresh web page from start to finish in no time. WordPress, Wix, coding from the shady home basement – bring it all! We baked ourselves this web page, too. Pretty neat, huh!

Besides the usual stuff, we can take care of everything difficult and bizarre like SEOs and analytics. Plan digital routes ready and synchronize the needed SaaS-family to enable automatization of digital marketing.

The magic words; Funnel and Inbound.


Order a #ClassicAssistant!

The old school secretary aka Classic Assistant saves your day. Classic Assistant can work just next to you at your office, or remotely so that you can reach the Assistant easily for example by phone (other contacting methods will do, too). Our Secretaries are movable, hiding in your pocket both at home and abroad. They book your flight, accommodation and dentist appointment. Classic Assistants can handle even major headache level problems and deal you – for example – a whole team you desperately need for your project.

Your own and completely harmless Ms. Secretary does only the work which needs to be done and off her goes then. No hidden extra fees, no anxiety over “I don’t have enough work for the assistant, just this little thing…!” NOPE. Old School was like that. Welcome to Nowadays.

We also dispatch Mr. Secretaries, if that’s your cup of tea.


Order a #StrategyAssistant!

We believe in our customers. They know their own services, products, clients and their needs the best.

Sometimes this constantly evolving digital world gets utterly confusing. It’s get even more confusing when you try to figure out what channels should be utilized for your marketing, and how you should scream about your company so that your clients would get the message of just how awesome your product or service is.

Don’t worry, because we got a respectable amount of experience of this all. Our clients represent all kind of enterprises and businesses – from Man and His Dog Companies to International Big Name Corporations. Believe us, we’ve got them all covered. Believe also when we say such wide variety has taught us very clearly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to strategy scheming.

We are happy, proud and honored to be able to witness close range different corporations’ growth and thrive in the new winds.

SO. If you are even slightly unsure of “what now?”, we show the way. We can for example do workshop style brainstorming sessions with you, and create plans which are easy to put into action. Step by step, clearly and simple ways.

There are some crazy folk who invite us to have public speeches and lectures. They want us to tell about the new work, digitalization of businesses and how to manage time and how to get your businesses skyrocketing.

People are rather interesting creatures; one can read well, other one can write well – whether it is in their native or foreign language, you know, we offer those both.

Anyway! Often more is better than one. We will do all the given tasks and fill the open positions so that our client won’t have anything else but CEO’s role for them. Rest is our problem, so you can just relax and concentrate on more important things – like to that trip Bora Bora, while we take care of your company in your absence. We can handle everything; the financial administration, marketing, selling, the development and your cleaning services’ tender out.

TLDR; Delegate and Enjoy.

Team also gathers intel and knowledge wider than a single person. We do our marketing projects in teams, because while one of the team members is skilled in content creating, they might not have been patient enough to learn how to do WordPress SEO friendly, like some other team member.

We will choose the best assistants into your team based on what needs to be done. When we’re finished, we’ll disappear silently like ghosts. You can rent a team even for an hour only!


Order a #ChristmasElfService

We are sure you’ve got your hands full already without any present fetching, so make your Holiday season easier and let Wannado’s Christmas Elf Service work as your company’s Santa Claus.

Wannado’s Christmas Elf Service will deliver your cards, chocolates and wines to anywhere you want, without any extra trouble – Even internationally!


irina@wannado.fi | +358407531344

We’re not afraid of phones. We make the calls and get you some new clients – or whatever you might need. Meetings, offers or marketing your new awesome thing to your potential clients. We do everything with a right price, because you see, out booking is priced by cases: The less risk for us, the smoother price for you.

Some of the calls will be billed by number of persons we manage to catch with the calls. Sometimes, when your product sells like there’s no tomorrow, we can take some risks and do the billing based on commission.
Of course we offer to all our bookings together planned scripts, call lists creations and the best fitting SaaS-service for the task with a real time reporting between us. When everything is handled well, the work runs smoothly with no bumps on the road ❤

We have gathered experience with mystery shopping calls, which means we have tested the customer service’s quality, made surveys but we can tackle on the old, classic appointment hunts with phone calls. Often Mailchip newsletters will be glued on top of them with little customer spying, so there’s no need to make random cold calls. Ah yes, baby.

24% VAT will be added to the fees. Client takes care of the possible material expenses.
Billing by agreement or monthly, 14 days net.
NOTE! Using #SuperAssistants can cause addiction.