How to plan and execute successful influencer marketing campaign


Nowadays, influencer marketing is an important marketing tool that shouldn’t be overlooked. How to begin with influencer marketing? What should be taken into account? Here you can find out the steps for executing a successful influencer marketing campaign and tips on how to avoid the common mistakes. Succeed in influencer marketing with these tips: Think … Read more

Different is equal

different is equal

Let’s imagine a utopian world, where perfect equality would rule over working life. A situation, where men and women, majorities and minorities, young and old, would all be in equal position in labor market. Where nobody would be discriminated for irrelevant details in terms of expertise. Where everybody would have an opportunity to live out … Read more

Growth hacking

Around a week ago I had the honour of participating in a 2-day Growth Hacking Crash Course organized by Growth Tribe. Crash course undeniably is an appropriate term for a course after which I fell asleep at 8pm, at the same time as my 8-month-old baby and slept for 12 hours in a row. The intense two-day … Read more

Online tools for efficient and communicative remote work

More and more companies are admitting the benefits of remote work and long distance communication tools. A video meeting or conference for example not only saves time but also travelling costs. It’s environment-friendlier, too, which supports today’s necessary green thinking. What tools does a modern digital assistant (or a remote worker on any field for … Read more

May the creativity be with you – How to masterthe creative flow

Creativity and inspiration often go hand-in-hand. One can’t really force them but one can, in fact, learn them. Creativity is not only something we are or aren’t born with. Everyone who ever tried to do some type of creative work is probably familiar with the term creative block or writer’s block. That feeling when nothing comes out and the … Read more



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