We’ve gained lots of fans with admiring fanmail, as you can read below!

“We use SuperAssistants to all running tasks and to technical gimmicks you don’t need to learn yourself; web page designs, email newsletters, photoshopping ect. ect. Assistants have out backs covered so that we can concentrate on the things which inspire and interest us.

Our co-work is easy, extremely fast and reliable.

We recommend SuperAssistants for everyone. If you order them, remember to utilize their skills and let them assist with any tasks you need help with.”

Riina Jokinen, Suhdetoimisto Kram.

”Ohjelmistoyrittäjät has used SuperAssistants for years, because we have multiple running tasks without specific open job position. With SuperAssistants we have gotten helping hands to sale, marketing technologies, financial management and event organizing with ease, based on our own needs.

Over the years SuperAssistants have become an important part of our work. Team’s components and specifics change based on what needs to be done, and most of the work in done remotely. This working method has developed over the years and it works perfectly for us!”

Rasmus Roiha, CEO
Ohjelmistoyrittäjät ry

“Wannado has been an excellent choice for our multiply needs in a rapidly increasing growth and   in constantly changing markets. They have operated quickly, smoothly and in adjustable manner.  All the workers are professionals equipped with good attitude. Wannado is a reliable partner for us.”

Sami Horto, Partner, CEO
Architects Soini & Horto Inc.

Wannado - Kätevämpi henkilöstövuokraus | Asiakkaamme 2ns - Second Nature Security

“We at 2NS have been very pleased with our AdWords campaign results and cost-efficiency. Before our campaign cost more and got fewer clicks. Wannado’s Assistants optimized the campaign in a way that we now get more clicks from search words relevant to us while paying less than before.“

Mika Holmberg, CEO
2NS – Second Nature Security Oy