How to plan and execute successful influencer marketing campaign


Nowadays, influencer marketing is an important marketing tool that shouldn’t be overlooked. How to begin with influencer marketing? What should be taken into account? Here you can find out the steps for executing a successful influencer marketing campaign and tips on how to avoid the common mistakes.

Succeed in influencer marketing with these tips:

  1. Think about the bigger picture when planning your influencer marketing campaign. Who do you want to speak to and what is the key message you want to give?
  2. When you find the right influencer that fits with your company values, do some research. How does the influencer communicate with his or her fans? Which customer segment do the followers fit into?
  3. Fans and followers who are active and committed are more valuable than followers who simply like. Having lots of likes and follows with only few comments could indicate that some likes or follows are paid (yes, buying likes is a common practice).
  4. “Here I am holding a product” type of photos don’t work on instagram anymore . Instead, long term content campaigns with well-planned photo and video material produce higher quality results. One-off photos are just touching the surface of the real potential. If possible, it is beneficial to work with more than one influencer at once.
  5. Plan and agree in advance how the campaign will be executed, what exactly it will include, and how the results will be measured.
  6. Remember to share the campaign on your social media accounts. Share it through every channel and also embed any videos directly onto your website, and agree that your company’s website link is shared with every post.  This is how you maximize the benefit of the content.

Use these tips and you will avoid the most common pitfalls people and companies fall into when they jump into influencer marketing without planning their campaign or goals. It’s important that you choose the right influencers for your brand. In the best case scenario, this leads to a long and beneficial partnership that improves the brand and business of both parties.

Do you need more inspiration to get started? There are many timely campaigns that you can follow. In Finland, the campaign by Äidin Puheenvuoron and Sodankylä municipality has been greatly successful and received lots of media attention. The small municipality Sodankylä located in the northern region of Finland, Lapland, has received much interest and new visitors. And this campaign has only just started!

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