Wannado Blog - Long-distance work - the great unknown

Today I’m writing this while sitting at Scandinavia Coffee House in Bury St Edmunds. I’m working remotely, and loving every drop of it, just as much as I’m loving my fresh coffee with soymilk.

Wannado has offices in Helsinki, Finland and in Fuengirola, Spain, but our knowledge or work is not bound to a place. I live in England and get to help customers all around – the true beauty of this day and age. Key to working remotely is excellent communication. Rather too much of it than too little of it.

Still today, some organizations might find long-distance work strange or unreliable. Let’s face it; many of us are afraid of the unknown. There are however known benefits of remote and flexible work (in the fields where it’s possible). These include better productivity and creativity as well as healthier employees, just to start with. I do mostly creative work: Content creation, Facebook marketing, photo editing and videos. For me office is not the ideal place to concentrate and to let my creativity and ideas flow. Thankfully, there are more than enough tools to communicate efficiently with customers and teammates, even when we are situated in different countries.

I’m so happy, that I found Wannado – a company, which truly believes in modern ways of working and in the importance of teamwork. Now Wannado’s team is spread through out Europe with contacts all over the World. Remember: The World is just as small as we make it. I am sitting at a Scandinavian cafeteria in UK after all. Not more than two months ago, I was living in Namibia, in Southern Africa, and had my job interview with Wannado via Skype.

In addition to other benefits, working remotely together with modern communication tools give whole new possibilities on an international scale. If you are not too afraid that is.

Laura Smith
Marketing and communications #Superassistant at Wannado

Wannado’s SuperAssistants are true freedom fighters and problem solvers of the business world. SuperAssistants are not bound to any time or place, and can work remotely, flexibly and cleverly. Irina Viitala and Anna Degerholm founded the multitasker team, Wannado Ltd, in 2011. Today, Wannado has over 30 experts in the fields of marketing, digitalization, event production, and general office & assistant work. #SuperAssistants

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