Online tools for efficient and communicative remote work

More and more companies are admitting the benefits of remote work and long distance communication tools. A video meeting or conference for example not only saves time but also travelling costs. It’s environment-friendlier, too, which supports today’s necessary green thinking.

What tools does a modern digital assistant (or a remote worker on any field for that matter) need? A good and safe Internet connection, a laptop, and a smart phone together work as a good starter kit. They also give access to the following options us SuperAssistants can recommend.

Asana is a nifty project management tool with various functions. Asana is pretty user-friendly and easy to handle – even for those with little technical online skills. Asana is there to make sure no task is forgotten, and that deadlines are met. Project managers and team members can add and assign tasks for each other.

Trello is also a project manager tool, perhaps a visually more inspiring one than Asana. As it’s so simple and user-friendly, many use Trello for private to-do lists and even as an online shopping list. It can be personalized and synced with Google calendar for example.

Teamwork has time tracking function on top of the basic and useful project management functions.

Slack, Teams, Workplace and Yammer are convenient communication tools for long-distance team work and communication. We use slack at Wannado – it works well on a desktop and on the Slack mobile app. Great for communication, team chats, file sharing, and even making phone calls.

Zoom is a good option for Skype – the video-calling tool that probably needs no further introductionWe have found Zoom more reliable and user friendlier when it comes to video meetings. Bear in mind however that the free membership option only includes limitless video call minutes for two people; group calls and conferences are limited to 40 free minutes.

Discord is an upcoming Skype-like conference and calling tool with communicational functions similar to those with Slack.

Google Drive and Docs are well known but cannot be left unmentioned. Docs and Sheets can be shared and edited online without the endless “save, email, edit, and save again” cycle. Google Drive is a handy free online storing space with sharing options.

Dropbox ja WeTransfer both work for transferring files to teammates or to customers. Dropbox is often used as online storage just like Google Drive.

Toggl is one option for tracking work times between different customers, projects, and tasks. There are numerous similar tools available – it all comes down to personal preferences and the nature and size of the business. For Wannado Toggl works great, and our invoices are directly based on the time tracking done with this easy-to-use tool.

LastPass Information security should be a priority for all businesses! Regulations are tightning around information security as GDPR is ready to kick in. LastPass is a secure platform to store and share passwords and login details. We highly recommend LastPass or similar service for everyone, especially those who work remotely.

To find the best choices for you, a simple trial-and-error method is the way to go. With any tool, start with a free trial and see how it works for you and if the functions meet your team’s needs. And then stick with something that works. No one wants to have 10 different places to login – that also increases the risks of tasks being lost somewhere in between too many platforms. Good luck for your online tool adventures!

Tiina Kuningas
Project Manager, Marketing and Events #SuperAssistant

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