Positive atmosphere, motivation and efficiency go hand in hand

“A genuinely motivated, professional and happy personnel is one of the biggest and most remarkable resources in working life.” 

I have strived to demonstrate the meaning of positive atmosphere described in the citation above when applying for jobs. My aim has been as well to proceed with the recruitment processes with the companies that share my values and to avoid proceeding with companies that don’t. I have continued to highlight the importance of the matter by asking questions during interviews regarding to the atmosphere of the working community and interpreted carefully the answers I received.

When starting in a new working place I have my antennas up so I can perceive the general feel of the atmosphere. The atmosphere of a company affects decisively to my decision to commit to a working community. I prospered in one of my previous working places so well, that I did not even try to apply the jobs relevant to my actual career for a long time, even though the job I was doing then did not match up with my long-term plans and dreams. Feeling good in the working place is, at least for me, as important, or even more important than nature of the job itself.

Positive feedback motivates me a lot and I believe that many working communities would feel better, if giving positive feedback would be the rule rather than an exception. Positive feedback can be given without a big reason. It can be given for all those little things that come to mind about your colleagues. Of course, there is a time and place for the constructive feedback as well. There is though a clear difference between constructive and negative feedback. Constructive feedback aims to enable a positive change, while negative feedback focuses only on what has gone wrong. Positive feedback can be used to motivate the employees to outdo themselves again and again. Therefore, I claim that positive feedback can lead to far better consequences than even constructive criticism.

Let’s imagine the two different sides of a coin, positive and negative feedback and the grey area between them, constructive feedback. I have got to know each and every one of them in one way or another, directly or indirectly and I can tell that every single time my motivation has taken a hit, in good or in a bad way. Think back to one personal experience each of these kinds of feedback. Does your experience match mine?

”From my point of view, positive atmosphere consists of open, approving and encouraging working community, where everyone can flourish in a way that serves best their personal know-how and interests. The quality of the feedback affects efficiency and the results because the key of success hides in the labyrinth of motivation.” 

My intuition told me good things about Wannados’ atmosphere and culture from the beginning and I could not have been more right. I have now worked for about a month and half at Wannado and I have received more positive feedback than ever before, even though I have always felt that I have received a lot of positive feedback of the work I have done. We have on Wannados’ internal communication tool a channel dedicated to positive feedback, where the success of #SuperAssistants is constantly highlighted. I gathered together a few examples of the positive feedback I have received so far:

”The Marketing Assistant announcement is totally brilliant, let’s put it live!”

”I looked at your introduction text and I was like WOW – You really have the talent with the words.”

”In the field of HR, Kaisa has proved to be really sharp, wonderful, smart and self-determining team member with clear communication skills!”

”I give roses to this weeks’ special savers. You all are SUPER.”

”Great girls you are awesome!”

When was the last time you received positive feedback for your work? And when was the last time you gave positive feedback to someone else’s success? I throw you a challenge of positive feedback. How you could cheer up your colleagues’, employers’ or employees’ day? Imagine someone in your community that you see in a positive light. How would you describe them and their input? Tell them. The ball is in your court.

Kaisa Piipponen
#SuperAssistant of HR, Recruitment and Communication

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