SEO needs real attention – How to improve SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is often overlooked or at least not seen as a top priority. If no one in-house really understands it, this important aspect of marketing is often pushed aside as there is something “more urgent” on the table. But what could be more important than ensuring a good discoverability and getting new leads?

Where to start with SEO? Here are some things to consider before skipping SEO.

If you are not visible, you have already lost

In Finland alone, 30 million Google searches are done every day. EVERY DAY. Several researches suggest that approximately 90 % of people doing online searches click the results shown on the first page of Google. Many never even visit the second result page (let alone the pages after that). Knowing the fact that Google is the number one search engine and tool when searching for services and products, it’s pretty easy to assume the following: if a company is not on Google, it has in fact lost the competition.

Results don’t happen overnight

SEO aims to get the company visible on the very first page of Google with searches done using relevant keywords. As good as this sounds, let’s not get carried away and be unrealistic. It’s very unlikely to smash the competition within a few days. After the SEO actions have been implemented, it might take some months or even a full year to see some concrete results.

Improving of SEO should be seen as a continuous process rather than as a one-off project. The process includes also long-term follow-up, research, and analysing. Measurable and profitable results will follow consistent work only.

Everything influences everything

It’s good to remember that digital marketing is like a puzzle – different pieces (channels) together form a working bigger picture. All pieces are evenly important. Therefore, if you fix SEO but nothing else in your marketing, the results might not please you. Constant updates and new content on the website help with SEO. Blogging especially is a good way to help Google find your site. Every blog text is good to optimise using the trending topics and searches of the field – one blog text can this way boost the visibility of the whole company!

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the next step to take once content and technicalities of the website have been optimised. If well-planned SEO alone doesn’t bring the company on the first page on Google, paid marketing will help. Google AdWords is a SEM tool that allows you to boost yourself into the first page with relevant keywords and phrases. Just remember that relevancy is the key here – using keywords that can’t be linked to your business directly might do you more harm than good.

Keyword analysis is important!

There are at least as many Google searches as there are searchers. One needs to put themselves into the customers’ shoes, and try to find the same terms and keywords a customer would use. Some keywords are in high competition and not any amount of SEO optimising will help win them over. Then it’s better to use more specific terms that are relevant to your products and services.

People search answers to their questions online. The number of searches including questions has increased with 50% from last year. Therefore, including questions in the blog texts and in the optimisation is a good idea. See what I did with the caption of this blog post.

How to decrease SEO results – what not to do?

Things such as slow websites, repeating content, keyword and internal link stuffing might all end up getting you sanctions and lowering your Google points. Both internal and external linking is important for visibility but it’s important not to overdo it. It’s also important to ensure that the external linked sites are not suspicious – they should be reliable sources of information.

If SEO is something you want to tackle but don’t have the resources, please feel free to contact Wannado´s #SuperAssistants. We do SEO analysis and plan and execute both SEO and SEM. Get to that first page of Google now; competition is growing by the day!


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