Stay home and save the world

Global warming and its side effects are the greatest, most threatening environmental issue at the moment. Long-term effects will affect nations and their economies in a negative way – not to mention how the unnatural weather affects our food and water supplies. We are already in a situation where there’s not enough food and water for all of us – right now the future looks like The Grim Reaper will have his hands filled because of us. We just got a note from 15 000 environmental scientists stating that if we want to keep our Earth livable, we must act now or soon it’s way too late.

People and companies are given multiple ways to save the Earth; recycle, use public transportation, eat vegetarian diet or insect protein (Finland is one of the leading countries in this), buy an electric car and don’t waste water. Yet, one significant tip is almost always missing from the list:

Remote work.

Seriously! When you work remotely, you work from home. On remote workdays you don’t need to use a car or public transportation to get to work, nor do you need to make extra lunch or eat at office’s own restaurant (if you have one, that is), where the food waste is disposed into garbage bins.  Here in Northern side of the globe, during this dark, grim and cold season, it’s a lot more alluring thought to stay home in the warm, wrapped in blankets with a laptop on your lap – like me right now! Nowadays everyone has the tools for remote work at home and if they don’t, a company, which cares about the environmental issues and its employees* should offer these tools (such as licenses or cloud space).

Meetings can also be arranged remotely very easily; you only need a camera and a web connection both of which we constantly carry in our mobile phones.

Electric cars are already on the move but they haven’t replaced fossil fueled cars yet. Thus, no matter how you look at it, remote working can’t be anything but environmental friendly. World Meteorological Organization WMO has noted that carbon dioxide emission level is at its peak now – higher than ever in the last 3-5 million years! A great deal of unwanted carbon dioxide emission comes from cars and driving to work and back. This includes the short distance trips, too. In Finland, cars cause 1/5 of the country’s carbon dioxide emission.

In a more personal level, remote work also keeps people healthy and happy. Germs won’t catch you if you stay at home (unless someone in your family brings them in for you). A survey by FlexJob from 2015 revealed that employees were aggravated after the morning rush hours. They started their days in a very lousy, pissed off mood, which affected their work health negatively in a long run.

So. Stay at home. It will save the world.

*FlexJob’s 2015 survey also revealed that 76% of the 2 600 interviewed employees said that they were able to work more efficiently outside their office, in self-chosen location, where they could concentrate on the job without interruptions. That’s one more point for remote work!

Maarit Hyvärinen
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