Alma Ulvelin

Graphic Designer, Wannado Marketing

Although I sat on the piano bench all my childhood, I became a visual professional – a graphic designer. I am rich with ideas, sometimes even too many. I find the best ideas on the jogging path or just by sitting in an office chair, because in the end, the work only progresses by doing it.

I create graphics in a variety of ways, from logos and business cards to large layouts. I manage the design process from idea to print/publication-ready implementation and always do things on schedule. I don’t break down under pressure, but I secretly enjoy it. We’ve come here to do and not dream, right?

Customer goals always serve as my compass. If a project is in a deadlock or you find it difficult to understand, I can help you to solve it, step by step. If you’re visually at a dead end, I’ll make sure to help you to find the path. About 20 years experience as a graphic designer gives me a little insight into these things.

In addition to visuals, I pay a lot of attention to content, and creating titles in particular is one of my many healthy habits. I am as much a creative visionary as a hands-on worker; the emphasis depends on the nature of the project. I work in Finnish, Spanish and English.

In my spare time, I play that piano.


A technically meticulous multiplayer in graphic design – digital or print? Here it comes!

Understands your messy and vague idea

Stays focused, even under high pressure

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