Heljä Saarnimo

Finance #SuperAssistant

+358 44 979 0554

I’m a calm, content and humorous inspector with a wide experience in management and financial management in companies operating in domestic as well as international markets.

I’m also an executive finance, juristic and management assistant. I know how to communicate with different officers from public officers to officers in financial management and calculation of salaries. I handle both internal and external clients’ financial issues, as well as project and financial management programs.
Jag talar flytande svenska, my English is fluent aber Deutsch braucght vielleicht ein bisschen Auffrischung.


Heljä’s 7 Super Powers:

  • Listens the client
  • Plans the schedule
  • Aims for the best result
  • Logical
  • Guidance and service while supporting you all the way
  • Makes sure no one trips over during the process
  • Action together; we’re enthusiastic