wannado superassari

Johanna Ahonen

Marketing Technology #SuperAssistant


I made my first websites during the 90s Internet boom, and ever since, I have loved web and logo designing. Nowadays, I design and make web pages preferably with WordPress, however, thanks to my background I can pretty much do anything and everything online (except hardcore coding).

During my working years, I have written everything from marketing plans to finance reports and created graphics on the side too.

Organizations have grown close to my heart as I have experience in non-profit organizations, companies as well as in political parties. I have done marketing in the Industrial field and also worked in trade-fair and event organizing. As I have some experience as an entrepreneur, I really enjoy helping entrepreneurs and start-ups.

I work best remotely from home but have no problem doing customer service or meetings when necessary.

Over the years, I have tried different hobbies from playing instruments to martial arts. My funniest work memory must be when there was a Japanese wedding at the Moomin World and I ended up playing Moomin songs with a flute while one of the Moomin characters was a priest – anything can happen and one needs to be flexible!


Johanna´s 7 Super Powers:

  • Efficient and multitalented
  • Quick and sharp to understand and fix any problem
  • Knows WordPress, websites and logos
  • Experience in different organizations and groups
  • Reads people well
  • A great business negotiator when needed
  • Learns faster than the teacher can teach