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  • Pressure resistance and perseverance

  • Bravely throwing myself in

  • Ability to plan and organize

Jonna Kallunki

Customer Service #SuperAssistant

I am a multi-skilled customer service specialist. I have gained experience both in the care industry and in the sales of car spare parts – most recently, however, I have gained several years of experience in the operator industry of both customer service and various invoicing tasks.

I am a professional chef, and graduated in just over a year while working just before I moved to Spain almost four years ago. And the studies that took place alongside the work did not stop there; at the moment, I am completing remotely my vocational qualification to be an immediate supervisor.

A little hurry keeps my mind fresh, and I am always ready to develop and challenge myself and my skills! Learning new systems in particular is interesting.

I can work both independently and in a team, although I enjoy working remotely the most. I am social, open, and approachable. I do my work accurately and in a customer-oriented way, and my goal is always to have a pleased customer and service provider! I am aware of the big picture.

In addition to Finnish, I speak English and study Spanish.


Pressure resistance and perseverance

Bravely throwing myself in

Ability to plan and organize


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