Kaisa Moreau

HR & Recruitment Specialist

Moikka, Hello, Hola, Bonjour! I am Kaisa, Wannado’s sunny HR & Recruitment Specialist.

When recruiting, I do my best to help suitable applicants and positions find each other. With HR, my goal is to take care of the employees and their matters and maintain a positive ambience on my behalf.

I work fluently in Finnish and English, and depending on the situation I also communicate in Spanish and French. I work both with independent and cooperative tasks, and my aim is always to gain the best possible result.

I am a lover of profound conversations equipped with a strong emotional intelligence and a rainbow-colored imagination. I have a Master’s degree in Social Sciences: my major is in Social Psychology and my minors are in Psychology and Education. My know-how also includes many years of marketing communications and customer service. I live in France and I have lived in Spain – internationality and language skills are also a part of my strengths.


Helps suitable applicants and positions find each other

Takes care of the employees

Internationality and language skills: lives in France and has also lived in Spain – communicates in Finnish, English, Spanish, and French

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