Kaisa Piipponen

HR and Marketing Communications #SuperAssistant


Bonjour, I am Kaisa, Wannados’ HR, Recruitment and Communication Assistant, full of joy, energy and motivation!

My recruitment process responsibilities include ensuring job announcements’ have excellent content and appearance, the quality of the communication with the applicants, picking the applications with most potential, holding interviews and recruiting the best candidates. In other words, I do everything I can to find the most suitable, brightest and brilliant talents for every position. I am currently improving my knowledge of the communication field with Wannados’ blogs, among other things. I am in my element balancing independent and co-operative tasks and my aim is always to reach the best result possible.

I am a Master of Social Sciences, my major is Social Psychology and my minors are Psychology and Education. My know-how includes in addition to HR, the recruitment and communication fields many years of client service, training, and bank services experience. I currently live in France and I spent my student exchange in Spain, so I also have a strong ability to work internationally, understanding other cultures and languages and having a wide view of the world. In addition to all this I am a lover of profound conversations equipped with a strong emotional intelligence, colorful imagination and a situational sense of humor.

If you are interested in working for Wannado, you have any questions regarding the recruitment processes, or you are in need of help of quick-witted, idea rich and language-skilled communicator, do not hesitate to contact me!

Wishing sun, joy and success for your day,


Wannados’ #SuperAssistant Kaisa

Kaisa’s 7 Super Powers

  • Responds to the real needs and wishes of the customers
  • Collects stars, pearls, diamonds and other shining applicants
  • Creates and implements idea rich and sharp texts
  • Finnish, English, Spanish and French language expert
  • Knows the secrets of good communication
  • Experienced and versatile customer service specialist and communicator
  • Sunny maintainer of positive attitude with unfailing emotional intelligence and a thinker with a rainbow-colored imagination, to whom even the sky is not a limit!