Tiina Kuningas Superassari

Tiina Kuningas

Project Manager, Marketing and Events #SuperAssistant

044 774 2223

Available only here: Event consulting knowledge with great connections and networks within the industry! For the past four years, I have been strongly involved with expos while selling a lead collection and remarketing app for exhibitors, and on the side building strong networks and connections with expo personnel, expo centres, exhibitors, event trainers and so on.

I know how to get things done and how to build your event in a way that every possible and impossible detail is taken into consideration beforehand. After all, everything your company does or neglects to do is marketing – and at the same time potential sales.

I have a passion for content creation and networking. I can handle social media with lightning speed, and have live–tweeted events and once wrote a mail-order catalogue. LinkedIn is my second home – I know how to make your company shine there and how to best utilize its marketing potential.

I have been involved with sales since the year 2000, doing especially B2B sales. Before this I did phone interviews – I’m surely not afraid to pick up the phone when calling is needed. I love grammar and creating high-quality content, and nitpicking over the tiniest details.


Tiina’s 7 Super Powers:

  • Ability to network and bring people together, face-to-face as well as online
  • Makes sure all the possible and impossible details have been taken into account in event planning; passages, vegetarian dishes, flyer distribution, etc.
  • A LinkedIn Active who can make the most out of it
  • A super-fast social media expert
  • Operates in English as well
  • Equipped with a sharper-than-a-hawk vision – will spot the smallest details needing attention (such as a cat hair in your costume before stepping on stage)
  • Loves the summer cabin life and is firewood processor compatible; trust me with a pile of wood, wheelbarrows and a hydraulic splitter!