Paula Lindvall

Project Manager #SuperAssistant
+358 44 302 1979

If you see someone next to a soccer field, bouncing around with boxing gloves on, don’t worry; it’s just our efficient #SuperAssistant Project Manager Paula!

I’ll tackle all your problems, and with my organizational skills, turn even horrible messes into wins– all to benefit the customer.  I’m strict with deadlines, and never loose my cool. My long experience in sales and customer service, together with my history as an Internal Auditor, has granted me the nickname ”Almighty”.

I stay calm and focused through any situation. If there is something I don’t know, I’ll figure it out – simple as that. No questions stay unanswered! I’m great at visualizing the bigger picture, and can balance competing priorities in a professional but relaxed manner.

After several passionate years playing soccer, I’m literally a top-scoring team player!


Paula’s 7 Super Powers

  • Project Manager who makes sure of gathering the perfect project team
  • Motivational Speaker who helps organize tasks and thoughts even in the middle of a chaos
  • Stays calm through all situations
  • Likes to plan the bigger picture and never fusses over minor things
  • Experienced in IT customer service, sales, and shop manager positions
  • Loves the ocean and dreams about learning to surf
  • The greatest soccer player at Wannado