Maarit Hiidenportti

Content and Illustrations #SuperAssistant
+358 456132906

I am Wannado’s Communication expert, blogger, copy and illustrator. I have worked in communications since I was 19 years old, and I have also worked for small local papers, the government of the city, and the Ministry of foreign affairs. I write in Finnish and English, whether you wish to have a piece on armor stock during the Continuation War, mindfulness or even a love letter to a secret crush. I also write short stories and tales.

My education in art strongly focused on communication, so I analyze, interpret, explain and inform with words and images. I believe that communication should always work flawlessly.

My artistic skills are in character design, cartoons, historical art from ukiyoe to medieval wooden drawings, underground themes such as punk and steampunk, tattoos, and storytelling. I can also do simple animations with my colleague Matias.

Among other things I can make you cover arts, posters, prints, shirt pictures, pins, post cards, stickers and cool chevrons. In America, there is a satisfied punk band whose fans are wearing my drawings. Wannado’s illustrations are my handiwork.

My specialty is Japanese knowledge. I travel regularly to the country.

In my free time I write and illustrate cartoons, I am a Billy Idol fan, I strive to live like Anita Moorjani and I own maybe the biggest sticker collection in Finland.

My mottos are: ”Live your life fearlessly” and ”Be true to yourself. Your soul is the true captain”.


Maarit’s 7 Super Powers:

  • An experienced communicator who writes blogs, customer surveys, stories and love letters in Finnish and English
  • Illustrated all of Wannado’s drawings
  • Wannado’s fastest copy
  • Illustrates prints, web pages, cartoons, book covers and everything else
  • Character designer and storyteller
  • Favorite cartoon character is X-Men’s Nightmare
  • Owns possibly Finland’s biggest sticker collection