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  • Powerful time manager

  • A brave innovator

  • Can do attitude

Maija Tähtinen

Marketing #SuperAssistant

Do you need help and a sparring partner for your business plan? Are you wondering how to make your business more efficient and productive? I help bring a new perspective to your business and guide you how to take your operation to the next level with strategic communication.

I have a bit of know-how in many industries, start-ups, and even big companies. I have a Master of Business Administration in International Business and Entrepreneurship and in addition to the business world, I have been actively involved in organizational life. I am familiar with teamwork from team sports and coaching, but I’ve also been in charge of communication teams between 5–30 people.

I get excited about brands and brand management. I succeed in sparkling product launch campaigns and fruitful communication. I am used to organizing both large spectacles and small circuit events. Efficient working is my core thing, and the best thing is when you see the result of your own work. I’m not afraid to take advantage of technology and I know most of the publishing and social media tools like my own pockets.

I work mainly from Turku and in my free time I can probably be found at the floorball hall or football fields. Traveling and shopping are my number one things, but I am a very active recycler and handy, and I don’t get everything new. I have visited more than sixty countries and I also have a cooperation network abroad when needed.

My motto is “Love what you do” and I often look at the world through rose-tinted glasses.


Powerful time manager

A brave innovator

Can do attitude


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