Milja Köpsi

Event Production #SuperAssistant


I’m Milja with the fancy surname Köpsi and I’m Wannado’s Event Project Coordinator. I’m the queen of everything that has anything to do with high quality event production. I cater for the clients’ need 24/7, even when it’s not necessary. I’ll do all the stressing for you and make sure all the table decorations have been put on their rightful places a week prior the event. Small things like that.

I take care of my clients gently but confidently. I have wide experience of events, customer service, media productions and “get your hands dirty”-type of projects. I solve all problems regarding events and event marketing. My calendar is super busy and full, but there is always room for more; my event team keeps growing and getting bigger and better.

I write for one of the most famous travel blogs in Finland, and I have also written a travel guide about the city of Rome.


Milja’s 7 Super Powers:

  • An empathetic listener who has your back
  • Master at googling
  • Social situations are my jam
  • Gives you useful critical feedback
  • Mastermind in the field of social media
  • The uncrowned queen of event coordinating
  • The most passionate Roma fan in the whole world