Minna Tahvanainen

Customer Service #SuperAssistant


Minna has lived in Fuengirola, Spain for years and can handle all kinds of work in Spanish. Minna deals with customer service and financial management tasks with the proficiency of a #SuperAssistant, effectively and diligently. She is also knowledgeable in graphic design and photography and has experience in the telecommunications field.

Minna works well both in a team and individually. Whether working in an open office or on the home couch, Minna is comfortable and productive.
In her free time, you can find Minna surfing the waves or hiking in nature.

Minna’s 7 Super Powers


  • Effective customer service and office worker – both in a team or alone
  • Serves customers in Finnish, English, and Spanish
  • Can multitask and stays in control
  • Does photography and graphic design
  • Ability to adapt to different environments and to quickly take on new tasks
  • Develops her skills constantly
  • A dreamer who wants to make dreams come true