Elena Richter

Accounting #SuperAssistant

+358 400252040

Hi, I’m Elena, a customer service oriented accountant.

I enjoy working in an international environment and performing responsible and interesting tasks, both in a dynamic team and independently.

I know how to manage companies` financial administration altogether: Accounting, financial statements, taxation and payroll computation. In addition, I have experience in accounting, budgeting and profitability monitoring for international companies.

I believe that life always has something to teach and thus I’m eager to learn new things. I enjoy new challenges and improve my skills continuously.

I`m flexible and get along well with all kinds of people.


Elena’s 7 Super Powers:

  • My service attitude is top-notch
  • I have an analytical and systematic way of thinking and acting for the benefit of your numbers
  • I anticipate your future challenges in advance
  • I resolve all your numerical problems
  • I focus effectively on the essentials
  • I plan and execute projects (e.g. budgeting, cost accounting)
  • In the summer I play volleyball and during the winter we may encounter on a ski trail