Tanja Soulas

Marketing Communication #SuperAssistant

+358 44 552 8572

I like to compare a pen to a magic wand – at it’s best, content can create miracles! I aim for customized content that stands out.

I’m a storyteller and a verbal acrobat who transforms boring texts that lack interesting content into reader-friendly pieces. Whatever the style of content you are after, I am up for the task!

Another love of mine is PowerPoint. A well-compiled presentation sets the audience on fire and sells its content. If there is work to do in your company in this area, let’s fix your presentations right away! Don’t be afraid to dazzle your audience!

I have succeeded in situations where I did not understand the content of the text at all, but could still translate global news and articles from English to Finnish on topics including 3D printing advancements in the space and war industries, medicine and other industries.

Examples of the kind of tasks I can help with include; content production, news pieces, interviews, corporate stories, articles, press releases, home page texts, product descriptions, recruitment announcements, social media updates, stories of all kinds, and poems.


Tanja’s 7 Super Powers:

  • Dazzling PowerPoints
  • An easy to approach wizard with words
  • Passionate about overcoming challenges
  • Experts at giving your texts voice and personality
  • Writing errors and poor grammar cause asthma attacks
  • Fact or fiction, on topic or off, in any style
  • A day without humor is day with your mind in Alcatraz