Taru Meritie



I am a happy, strong, multi-talented expert in many different issues related to corporate governance. I’ve been actively working on financial management, accounting, economic analysis, cash-flow monitoring and invoicing management. I also understand employee safety plans, labour laws, as well as other aspects of human resources. Business Administration is my strongest area. I am responsible for almost all business management documents, corporate law, DD, and corporate affairs and sales and purchasing processes. I have an entrepreneurial background due to my work history, so I understand entrepreneurship and the complex issues surrounding it.

I am conscientious, hardworking, productive and accurate. I like systems and guidelines, and I have an excellent ability to create processes and act as an instructor. I identify problems and challenges in order to reduce risks and enable productive work. I am a person who sees opportunities even in difficult situations and I am at my strongest when in challenging situations. I can see legal, economic and mental risks in different decision-making and weigh their mutual relationship.

I am happy to work with you in all kinds of jobs – especially remotely.


Taru´s 7 Super Powers:

  • A business executive’s best friend
  • Handles multi-account management and co-determination negotiations
  • Manages corporate law, business mergers, sales and purchases
  • Understands entrepreneurship with personal experience
  • Logical and honest
  • A person who truly respects others
  • Deep and sensitive personality