WANNADO’S #SuperAssistants’ Assistant Shop offers your company or your organization service when you most need it, with the extent you want.

We do the undone work both at office and remotely.  You give us the deadline and your wishes. job is to make your wishes come true by the given dead line, with a high quality result and just the way you wanted it.

From the Assistant Shop you will find our fees and fields of expertise. We are eager to tackle new challenges and we aren’t afraid to do the things no one has done before –we are always happy to learn something completely new. SuperAssistants work in teams with the help of the newest technology. No one is ever left alone with their challenges. One for all and all for one.

As we develop, we invite you to do the same!

Send us a message and tell us what has been left undone due you being too busy or overworked. Which area in your organization would need some extra attention and tending? We will send you an estimate with working hours and price. You will only pay for the finished work.

Perhaps you need help occasionally during peak seasons or holidays. Even if it’s just for a little job or for longterm commitment, we are here for you.