Your mind and health matters

Taking care of your physical and mental wellbeing might just be the single best thing you could do for yourself, your career, and for the people around you. In this regard, good management from employers means creating a healthy working culture where wellbeing and health is valued.

Mental health has lately been under discussion on media. Several campaigns and public figures have been working to remove the still-existing stigma around it. Unfortunately, in the result-driven business and work environments stress-management and mental wellbeing of employees is often overlooked.

The importance of a healthy mind is known (almost just as well as we know to eat well and exercise to get our body in-shape), but the actual steps in achieving a healthy balanced mind are not always there, especially in our work lives. People are different, so are employees – some work at their best under pressure and tight deadlines, some need reliable routines. Of course not all work is for everyone, but within many positions there is flexibility to adjust the routines and working schedule to best fit the worker. This is something employers should keep in mind – one glove doesn’t fit all!

Employers should also make sure there are recourses available to support mental health and wellbeing. If someone needs help to manage, help should be available. Providing a good medical plan and links to therapy etc. special care goes without saying. Additionally, trainings on stress-management, time-management and on creating a healthy working culture might be a small investment, but they surely will pay back over time. An open and supportive work environment takes stress seriously and handles it before the burning points occur. Burn out is no joke, and it can take long time to overcome. Sometimes it seems like it’s something almost admirable – to work so hard and to be so driven and perfectionist that the brain literally tilts and can’t function well. Yes, results are needed and it’s awesome to be driven, but the outcome is even better when employees have a healthy balance in place.

Get moving! Physical activity has been linked with better mental health and higher energy levels

It’s a known fact that physical exercise reduces stress and improves productivity and general wellbeing, strengthens the immune system and fights illnesses. It has positive effect to mental health. For employers, it’s not a bad idea to have a healthy (I mean quite literally healthy) environment where physical activity and healthy lifestyle is encouraged, admirable, and perhaps even a common goal. This could mean for example benefits such as gym memberships, healthy lunches, or sporty team building activities. Active employees might just materialise in fewer sick leaves and more driven staff. It’s a total win-win situation!

Some employers have brought physical exercise to workplace by building a gym or a yoga studio for example into the work premises – and they actually pay their employees salary for the time spent taking care of them selves. Sweet! There has even been discussion about making exercising at work compulsory.

Take your health seriously and work to improve it

If your productivity is low and you are constantly tiredit might be time to have a hard look at your routines and work environment? Are they healthy? Are you eating good nutrition and treating your body right? Is the stress manageable or is it too much to handle? Are you turning your mind off from work-related things on your free time, and doing things that make you feel good (mentally and physically)? If you feel that better time-management, stress-management and quality free time, together with a healthier lifestyle are not helping, or you struggle with a mental illness, you might benefit from professional help. Take the necessary steps – your mind and health matters!

Laura Smith
Marketing and Communications #Superassistant

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