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Your business is going international and looking for growth in international markets. Great! We are happy for your business and for Finland as a whole. Export keeps the wheels turning!

Internationalization is one of Wannado’s great passions and we help companies in various ways and on a case-by-case basis in the different stages of internationalisation.

Internationalizing innovation

Is your product or service ready to go international, but you are still looking for an internationalisation strategy and the right market? Don’t worry! Let’s make a strategy together, based on data and expertise.

Networking and partnerships

We have built up an extensive network of contacts across Europe and the United States. We help your company find local partners, distributors and resellers to build relationships in new markets.

Marketing strategy and branding

We will build a marketing strategy for your internationalizing idea. We design and implement campaigns on a market-specific basis. We localize your market message.

Internationalization costs money.

How are exports financed? Our business experts will help you find the best financing solution!

Agile partner

We are experienced remote workers and help our clients with international recruitment and finding the right way to hire people from around the world. From the jungle of complex bureaucracy.

Market research
and analysis

We help you understand your target market, analyse your competitors and study buyer behaviour.

Customer service and support services

We provide 24/7 multilingual customer service to meet the needs of your internationalizing business.

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