Responsive contact center

Our sunny customer service will take care of your customers. Flexibly, of course! We can do the occasional switchboard or take over your daily helpdesk. 

We are here for you around the clock, managing your emails, chats, calls and tickets. From Monday to Sunday, day and night, including holidays – and of course, in multiple languages. We also excel at technical customer service. Let’s go!


Our customer service representatives speak, among others, Finnish, English, Swedish, Spanish and Norwegian. Other languages are also available as requested!


Chat, phone, email and tickets. So your company will get a full-service contact management and switchboard.


Evenings and night shifts? No worries, we can handle 24/7 inbound duty if needed! We’re flexible according to your needs.


We represent your company according to your brand and tone of voice. Our clear reports show how the customer experience develops.

Customer service can be purely helpdesk-type support and problem-solving, or it can involve highly sales-oriented dialogues with your customers. We're familiar with the whole range of emotions, and calming even the most difficult service situations is one of our superpowers.


Why Wannado's customer service?

Real time and cost savings for you – but how does it work in practice?


We cater to both large and small customer service needs. Wannado's team adapts to your changing needs! If there is a need to expand the job description, our multi-talented customer service team can take care of it. No need to hire and train new employees for invoicing or assistant tasks!

Behind the service: a whole team

You might be wondering how the work gets done if a customer service representative is absent. Well, we train the entire customer service team for the job – our service is not dependent on a single person. You can be sure that the service will run smoothly. Less stress for you!


Does it feel challenging to know what your customers need or where to guide them, when they contact you? We have extensive experience – our customer service staff is on top of it from day one and efficiently direct contact traffic where it belongs.


Our customer service team is actively involved in developing your company's customer service operations. We don't just give excellent customer service, but as professionals, we know how to identify areas for improvement. You'll get fresh out of the box ideas and concrete suggestions based on real data.

Technical support

Not every customer service partner can handle technical service. Our team has engineers and other people with technical backgrounds! Your product or service is not gibberish to us. We will easily grasp technical terms and logic while communicating with your customers in a language they can understand.

Broad industry expertise

Our team has extensive experience across different industries. We don't need weeks of onboarding, we hit the ground running soon after a kickoff meeting. Our customer service team has the support of all other Wannado #SuperAssistants – whatever the challenge, we will tackle it.


What they say about us


Stress-free beginning for your customer service

Months of planning and implementing new software before getting a new customer service helpdesk up and running? Not at all when you choose Wannado’s customer service team! We’ve had cases where the operation was in full swing just a day or two after the contracts were signed.


First contact

Getting in touch is the first step to starting the service with us! Contact us by filling out the form. We’ll get back to you within the next day and arrange a meeting to assess your needs.


Analysis and offer

We listen to your needs and wishes and explain how we can best solve them! Once we reach an agreement, we’ll sign the contracts and get things rolling. As easy as that!


Onboarding meeting

We thoroughly go through your company’s customer service practices and needs, tone of voice, and frequently asked questions. This way our team can smoothly adapt to your company’s ways and blend in to represent your brand.



We’ll use the systems you already have in place! There’s no need to introduce new systems, as we’ll work on your terms. You’ll only need to provide training for our team on how to use your systems, so they can get started right away. Often, the training is conducted during the onboarding meeting.


Flexible start

We agree on the start according to your needs! In the fastest case, we have started the work already within a day or two after the contract matters have been settled. Phone lines and chats are up and running! Our team doesn’t get confused and is already up to speed with the tasks from day one.


Constant development

Things change over time. There may be a need for expanding the job description or we may encounter a situation that requires a new approach. We are proactively involved in developing your customer service operations, rather than just being passive executors.

Meet the customer service team

We love working here, and that positive attitude is infectious in our daily interactions. An engineer, fitness influencer, and museum attendant have all joined our customer service team, bringing valuable and diverse perspectives to the table. What they all have in common is an unwavering patience and exceptional problem-solving skills.



  • No commitments

    No monthly fees, heavy packages or rigid deals. No notice period.

  • Everything from the same desk

    You don't have to coordinate several different actors – save your time and nerves.

  • Agile problem solving

    We save you from operative fuss and find the solutions. Focus on your customers!

  • The power of hive mind

    SuperAssistant comes with the team's multidisciplinary knowledge and experience.

  • International by nature

    We employ in several countries, speak local languages and take your business abroad!

Interested? Let's get going!

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