Wanna do marketing? technology? graphic design? event production? translations? newsletters? automations? strategies? social media? SEO? transcription? video editing? blog posts? sales? marketing plans? office work? accounting?

Wanna do ?

Have a look at our services and clear pricing. Feel free to contact us for tasks outside the listed areas – we might be able to help! Our assistant services are always flexible and different operations can be combined. 

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Marketing, communication and design

At Wannado, marketing is done in a planned and results-oriented way – in the right channels, to the right people and to the right extent.

We help you plan your marketing and communications with your business goals in mind. The aim is always to improve the brand image, and ultimately, sales.

Digital marketing and Communication 62€/h
Multi-channel competence - Ad hoc, lightly or with a slightly bigger hand!

Blogs, ghost writing, social media content (text, pics and video), multi-channel content writing, newsletters, campaigns, landing page & website content, press releases, translations... and what else? Well, everything that you and your company needs to communicate!

The material can always be translated into various languages. Our translators are also content writers, so the original tone and marketing message remains. Proofreading is done by native content creators. We can also help check and improve pre-existing material.

Planning and designing 68€/h

Wannado can help with marketing plans, branding and instructions. We help you plan your marketing and communications with your business goals in mind.

Marketing design, graphic expressions and branding. According to your needs.

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Customer service, virtual assistants and sales

Serve your customers better with the help of Wannado’s outsourced customer service! Wannado’s customer service team takes care of all your customer service needs, caring for your valuable customers.

Wannado AsiakaspalveluCustomer service 36€/h

Serve your customers better with the help of Wannado’s outsourced customer service! Wannado’s customer service team takes care of all your customer service needs, caring for your valuable customers. The cooperation starts with a meeting with you where the best channels and practices are determined.

Wannado takes care of all your customer service needs – we answer your phone calls, check your emails and help your clients via real-time chat. Our international and multilingual team offers friendly customer service in your preferred language, meaning your customers get the best possible care.

The strength of our service lies in the service and sales-oriented attitude combined with modern communication technology tools!

#WannadoSales is our sales and booking department, offering international and multilingual service to grow your sales results. In addition to telesales and booking, the service can be combined with our other services such as customer service or virtual assistant service.

#WannadoSales team has a strong experience in B2B and B2C sales in different fields. Our international team consists of speakers of Nordic languages, English, Russian and Spanish - if other languages are required we can grow our team for you.

The cooperation starts with a pilot during which we will decide the details of the cooperation and set goals... and the results will follow!

Assistant service 36€/h

Assistant service at Wannado is typically done remotely, with skilled digital assistants helping with all assistant work and operative needs. Depending on location, we also have event assistants and office assistants available in person.  

Wannado’s virtual assistants work mainly in our Spanish office, and help customer companies in all fields, located anywhere and everywhere in the world. We can help with pretty much e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. It’s a lot to promise, but try us!

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Finance, strategy and consulting

Financial management professionals provide financial management services with agility using customer-preferred systems and procedures. We are not an external accountant or accounting firm but your own financial management department.

We also offer strategic business development and consulting. Wannado’s experts have experience in various fields and working with companies of different sizes. Multilingualism and an international angle are involved in plots and activities if you want to increase your activities outside Finland.

#WannadoFinance experts offer comprehensive finance services easily, using the systems and practices of the customer company. #WannadoFinance is not an outsourced accountant firm but your own finance department whenever you need additional resources.  

If need be, we can help collect reports directly from your systems and help with other business management tasks. The team’s experience and multilingualism allows us to fluently communicate with different parties and to make sure your finances are handled professionally.

Strategy and consulting 122€/h

We are happy to work with customers from various fields and help them grow their business. 

Strategic planning is the starting point of all operations, especially marketing. Wannado’s experts will be there for you and virtually hold your hand through branding, marketing plans and other demanding tasks. 

Wannado can help with strategic support, online workshops, training and planning to grow your results! We also have models that help with internationalisation plans, and the means to execute market research for you.

Interested? Let’s have a chat!

Send us a message and let us know how we can help you. What do you have unfinished? Which area in your organisation would need more focus or resources? You can contact us by calling or emailing our customer service team, talk with us over the chat or send us a contact request with the contact form!



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