All operational work as a service

Wannado provides services to your company as a partner or a subcontractor. You get flexible and tailored service, no matter the size of your business or what industry you work in.

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Digital marketing & websites

All marketing tasks and duties fueling your growth:  social media, websites, blogs, Google-advertising, graphics, conversion tracking, newsletters…


Friendly customer service

Sales-oriented customer service will answer your customers’ problems and forward callbacks. 24-7, multilingual and in different channels.



Get the inside scoop on your target market’s size, potential, and competition with our market research services.


Administration & other services

Virtual assistants, office managers, financial administration, recruitment, events, training… All gets done. Throw us a challenge and be surprised.



  • No commitments

    No monthly fees, heavy packages or rigid deals. No notice period.

  • Everything from the same desk

    You don't have to coordinate several different actors – save your time and nerves.

  • Agile problem solving

    We save you from operative fuss and find the solutions. Focus on your customers!

  • The power of hive mind

    SuperAssistant comes with the team's multidisciplinary knowledge and experience.

  • International by nature

    We employ in several countries, speak local languages and take your business abroad!

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What is said about us


Agile partner

Choose a partner who listens carefully, executes effectively and thinks outside the box. We serve a wide range of companies across industries.

For Entrepreneurs

Outsource sensibly just as much or little as you need, and for those exact tasks you need done. Wannado was founded to support the small and medium sized companies with their daily tasks, so we know all about the changing situations and the challenges when growing a business. Don’t be leftalone!

For Agency Owners

Your specialists don’t want to spend hours with Excel, dig around for Facebook receipts or post 100 different ad versions on LinkedIn? A skilled marketing assistant to the rescue! Wannado prices make outsourcing easy and profitable for other agencies. No worries, we will do NDA’s and all papers accordingly.

For Management Consultants

Do you want to concentrate on strategy and business development, but you also need someone to bring the vision to life? Wannado’s hands-on experts will help you execute your plan and you get to shine. Your customers will thank you for rapid implementation and everybody wins!

For Managers

Do no settle with trainees when you can work with a flexible professional. With us, you won’t have to commit to monthly fees or fixed-term contracts. Instead you will get the missing skills and the precise help you need. A very cost-effective way to satisfy C-level! We also offer substitutes and other temporary staffing.

Assistants and experts

Get to know us

There is plenty of knowledge and know-how amongst the team. You can find specialists, generalists, tech-savvies, creators, experienced consultants, Masters, and so much more! All team members have their own strengths and the hive mind is strong. We will always find the best match for every customer, based on the required experience and skills. The Wannado team has spread around the world and serves you multilingually.

Tell us what you need help with! Let's map out possibilities together, without commitments.

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