HR assistant, sales assistant, marketing assistant, virtual assistant, event assistant or executive assistant.

In many organizations, traditional secretaries or assistants have been eliminated. However, this hasn’t decreased the amount of actual work – quite the opposite, administrative tasks have become increasingly integrated into other job descriptions. The assistant is therefore the workplace hero who allows experts and management to focus on their core tasks.

Outsource all the hassle

Lots to do, but hard to tell how much or what exactly? No worries! You don’t need to know the solution, because we’ll propose the best options for you.

However, here are a few ideas for assistant jobs:

Virtual assistant

Our virtual #SuperAssistant handles all routine tasks that can be done without any significant training and through the use of wifi.

Office assistant

Office #SuperAssistant handles all your administrative tasks, and keeps your office organized and running smoothly.


When it comes to running errands, moving equipment, and hosting duties at events, events #SuperAssistant has got you covered!

Recruiting and HR

Our HR #SuperAssistant is the ultimate profile-digging expert and a pro at assisting with HR tasks.


Marketing #SuperAssistant manages your social media, keeps your website up-to-date, and creates engaging newsletters to keep your audience in the loop.

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What is said about us

What kind of assistant suits your company?

Junior or senior?

Depending on the complexity of the tasks, you’ll be provided with either a junior or a senior. A senior assistant is an autonomous and skilled professional who knows their job well, while a junior assistant needs more guidance and direction from you.

Virtual or on-site?

With our virtual assistant services, we provide you with seamless availability from multiple individuals and ensure quick response times. If you opt for an on-site assistant, the minimum hours per week are 20. Our services are location-independent, and remote work is more flexible.

Virtual assistant

Price from

42 €/h


Price from

52 €/h


Price from

68 €/h



  • No commitments

    No monthly fees, heavy packages or rigid deals. No notice period.

  • Everything from the same desk

    You don't have to coordinate several different actors – save your time and nerves.

  • Agile problem solving

    We save you from operative fuss and find the solutions. Focus on your customers!

  • The power of hive mind

    SuperAssistant comes with the team's multidisciplinary knowledge and experience.

  • Internationalism

    We employ in several countries, speak multilingually and bring your business to the world!

Meet the assistants

Here are a few SuperAssistants from our assistant service. Be sure to check out our Assistants and Experts -page to learn about all of our available assistants!

You got questions, we have answers

Because it is flexible and easy. You will be charged by the actual work that has been done, with 10 minutes accuracy. With hourly pricing you can also easily get rid of us with no extra costs. See the price list here!

We are doers. Our customers pay for the actual work that has been done, not for fancy offices or hustling around. See the price list here!

Well, right away after you have signed the contract. Contact us!

When do you need it to be ready? We specialize in ad hocs. One or two hours’ tasks for a virtual assistant can be done instantly, larger website projects can take up to several months to finish. You will always get an estimation of needed hours and delivery times depending on the case.

No. This is supposed to be easy and peachy for you. You will have a contact person who will coordinate other people at Wannado when needed. Of course, there are situations when it is more convenient for some specialist to contact you directly. Let’s start the cooperation by agreeing on the communication methods.

Tell us what you need help with! Let's map out possibilities together, without commitments.

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Jätä yhteydenottopyyntö. Yhteistyö voidaan aloittaa vaikka saman tien!