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marketing? websites? social media? content? graphics? Google? 

Flexible marketing agency

No rigid packages or binding agreements. Just take that one social media campaign, or the whole strategy with execution. It’s as easy as using a freelancer!

We’re doers and executors. We speak clearly, we’re not selling you anything we don’t believe in, and we’ll share the screen when you want to know how to do something yourself.

Branding and planning

Marketing strategies, one-to-one sparring, content planning, building your brand, visuals, project planning, launches

Content creation and visuals

Photos, graphics, videos, translations, blogs, copywriting, press releases and distribution, ghost writing, social media posts

Social media marketing and management

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google Ads, Twitter, native advertising, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, newsletters

Your own marketing assistant

Marketing assistant saves, when you don’t want to hire your own employee, or there’s tasks only now and then. Sparring, brainstorming and execution flexibly with the help of a hive mind.

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Websites, stores and analytics

Need website help? Let’s freshen up the old pages or build whole new ones. You know, the kind that is user-friendly, visually appealing, mobile responsive and sells your product – of course!

WordPress, WIX, Squarespace, HTML, CSS, PHP, Bootstrap, web analytics, conversion optimization, automation… You name it, we got you. 



Why Wannado #SuperAssistants?


  • No commitments

    No monthly fees, heavy packages or rigid deals. No notice period.

  • Everything from the same desk

    You don't have to coordinate several different actors – save your time and nerves.

  • Agile problem solving

    We save you from operative fuss and find the solutions. Focus on your customers!

  • The power of hive mind

    SuperAssistant comes with the team's multidisciplinary knowledge and experience.

  • International by nature

    We employ in several countries, speak local languages and take your business abroad!

Certified Google Partner

Wannadoers are Google certified digital marketing professionals, who manage  campaign optimization and the latest tricks in Google Ads. If you want growth with Google, from us you’ll find the right people to do the work for you.


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What they say about us


Agile partner

Choose a partner who listens carefully, executes effectively and thinks outside the box. We serve a wide range of companies across industries.

For Entrepreneurs

Outsource sensibly just as much or little as you need, and for those exact tasks you need done. Wannado was founded to support the small and medium sized companies with their daily tasks, so we know all about the changing situations and the challenges when growing a business. Don’t be left alone!

For Agency Owners

Your specialists don’t want to spend hours with Excel, dig around for Facebook receipts or post 100 different ad versions on LinkedIn? A skilled marketing assistant to the rescue! Wannado prices make outsourcing easy and profitable for other agencies. No worries, we will do NDA’s and all papers accordingly.

For Management Consultants

Do you want to concentrate on strategy and business development, but you also need someone to bring the vision to life? Wannado’s hands-on experts will help you execute your plan and you get to shine. Your customers will thank you for rapid implementation and everybody wins!

For Managers

Do no settle with trainees when you can work with a flexible professional. With us, you won’t have to commit to monthly fees or fixed-term contracts. Instead you will get the missing skills and the precise help you need. A very cost-effective way to satisfy C-level! We also offer substitutes and other temporary staffing.

Meet the assistants

Our marketing team is full of can do -attitude. We understand how to pair technology and design! All our team members are equipped with commercial thinking and all marketing serves sales.  

You got questions, we have answers

Because it is flexible and easy. You will be charged by the actual work that has been done, with 10 minutes accuracy. With hourly pricing you can also easily get rid of us with no extra costs. See the price list here

We are doers. Our customers pay for the actual work that has been done, not for fancy offices or hustling around. See the
price list here

Well, right away after you have signed the contract. Contact us!

When do you need it to be ready? We specialize in ad hocs. One or two hours’ tasks for a virtual assistant can be done instantly, larger website projects can take up to several months to finish. You will always get an estimation of needed hours and delivery times depending on the case.

No. This is supposed to be easy and peachy for you. You will have a contact person who will coordinate other people at Wannado when needed. Of course, there are situations when it is more convenient for some specialist to contact you directly. Let’s start the cooperation by agreeing on the communication methods.


We can operate in the shadows through subcontracting or other models

Don’t care for blogging yourself? We’ll write and put your name at the bottom. Customers coming but there’s no one to handle them? We’ll do the over time shifts. We are the secret friend and back up for other agencies. All temporary situations, like family leave substitutes, are easily handled by a Wannadoer with the right skills.

Tarvetta heti #SuperAssarille?

Jätä yhteydenottopyyntö. Yhteistyö voidaan aloittaa vaikka saman tien!