Erja Rauti-Juhola

Customer Service #SuperAssistant

Here is a very lively person: Erja. Hello – a new customer service representative for Wannado’s team.

Ever since I was young, work has been a big part of my life. I knew from an early age that I would become an entrepreneur, as was my father.

In various jobs as a customer service representative, I have always been close to people, listening and sensing the situation. When I start a task, I also finish it. I learn quickly and want to learn new things. I get along very well with different people, and I also see it as a strength.

Life has also taken me out of Finland, bringing in new great experiences. Ireland was the first of them – it also took a part of my heart – what a wonderful country. The journey continued here to Spain to smell new winds, perhaps after the heat.

My language skills include Finnish and English, a little Spanish while working here, as well as a bit of German and Swedish from high school.

Family, friends, animals, nature, traveling – these are things that are close to my heart.

“If you never try, you won’t get anything.”





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