Digital Assistant and Problem-solving service.

Delegate work

Delegate and enjoy! Give us a list of tasks and order deadlines, make special wishes, and name your favourite communication channel for reporting and project managing. We will follow your orders, and handle your work and business for you. Spend your precious time on something more important, and leave us all the unfinished tasks – big or small.

Pay only for the finished work

No starting fees, no monthly fees, no booking fees. Pay only for the finished work. All our work is timed, and our customers get a modern and easy to understand report showing all the tasks and every second spent on those tasks. We bill for every 15 minutes. Just think how much an effective SuperAssistant can accomplish in that time…

Minimum charge of 15 minutes

Is there really need to do all the difficult, boring or time consuming things by yourself when someone else out there could do it for you? Our answer is simply NO. We’ll do the tasks faster and get finished within deadlines.

Board skills and experience

Wannado has tremendous amounts of experience in corporative assistant management tasks. We can handle jobs remotely or right next to you, independently or as a part of a team. We develop new things, run marketing, and know all about finance management. Events are piece of cake for us. Our SuperAssistants rule corporations’ management and speak multiple languages. You name it, and we’ll do it. We honestly do all the operative work, whatever your need might be.

All for one, one for all superAssistants

We believe both in AI and in swarm intelligence. Utilizing team’s experience and skills in real time with SaaS-tools is an everyday routine and a natural way of working for us. Instead of spending our customer’s precious time to get a solution to a simple issue, we reach for information from open sources or from one of our specialists – which we have many. The work runs smoothly, fast, cost-effectively, and we always have the best and the latest information. Our team gets more experienced and gains wider knowledge each day.

Try it

You can try us without any risks and that’s how we like it.
You can order your own #SuperAssistant even just for 15 minutes. We do all the tasks given to us without obligations. If need be, you can stop the services by a simple snap of your fingers. We are flexible and ready to work or stop working whenever necessary.

““We at 2NS have been very pleased with our AdWords campaign results and cost-efficiency. Before our campaign cost more and got fewer clicks. Wannado’s Assistants optimized the campaign in a way that we now get more clicks from search words relevant to us while paying less than before.“”

Mika Holmberg, CEO 2NS – Second Nature Security Oy

““Assistants support our daily work so that we can focus on our interesting and inspiring work.
Our co-work is easy, extremely fast and reliable.””

Riina JokinenSuhdetoimisto Kram

““Ohjelmistoyrittäjät has used SuperAssistants for years, because we have multiple running tasks without specific open job position. Working method has developed over the years and it works perfectly for us!””

Rasmus Roiha, Toimitusjohtaja Ohjelmistoyrittäjät ry

““Wannado has been an excellent choice for our multiply needs in a rapidly increasing growth and in constantly changing markets. Wannado is a reliable partner for us.””

Sami Horto, Osakas, ToimitusjohtajaArkkitehdit Soini & Horto Oy

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