Paula Erola

Administration #SuperAssistant


I once did a personality test to find the most suitable job for me. The results were ”you should become either a secretary or a mother”. I’m a natural born SuperAssistant! And I did become a mom, too, for five boys.

I have 20 years of diverse work experience in customer service and assistant tasks in various fields, from the wild 80s until today. I like things organized and plan my weeks well ahead. I can work both remotely or at the office – how ever you prefer.

Working with people gives me great joy, along with sales. Routine-like tasks as well as challenging research tasks are both something I can handle. Team work or individual work, I’ll adjust to both. It’s all up to you!

Paula’s 7 Super Powers

  • 20 years of customer service and assistant experience
  • Always happy and smiling
  • A flexible team player who thinks of others
  • Hardworking, honest and reliable
  • A champion of organizing – keeps all strings in her hands
  • A competitive person with a will to win
  • Can speak English well, some Swedish, and also a bit of German, French and Spanish