27.9.2019 in Blog

How to plan and execute a successful influencer marketing campaign

Nowadays, influencer marketing is an important marketing tool that shouldn’t be overlooked. How to begin with influencer marketing? What should be taken into account? Here you can find out the…
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10.4.2019 in Blog

Different is equal

Let’s imagine a utopian world, where perfect equality would rule over working life. A situation, where men and women, majorities and minorities, young and old, would all be in equal…
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25.2.2019 in Blog

Positive atmosphere, motivation and efficiency go hand in hand

“A genuinely motivated, professional and happy personnel is one of the biggest and most remarkable resources in working life.”  I have strived to demonstrate the meaning of positive atmosphere described…
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20.11.2018 in Blog

The robots are coming to take our jobs, and our men

I would like to automate my work. In fact, I studied how to do it for hours without really getting anywhere. However, on Saturday I coded my first software bot.…
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29.10.2018 in Blog

Growth Hacking

Around a week ago I had the honour of participating in a 2-day Growth Hacking Crash Course organized by Growth Tribe. Crash course undeniably is an appropriate term for a…
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27.8.2018 in Blog

Private opinions don’t have a place in company communication

Sometimes it’s forgotten that private opinions and matters are not something that should or could be brought up freely at work. Especially when it comes to management and representative level,…
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20.6.2018 in Blog

Your mind and health matters!

Taking care of your physical and mental wellbeing might just be the single best thing you could do for yourself, your career, and for the people around you. In this…
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1.6.2018 in Blog

SEO needs real attention – how to improve SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is often overlooked or at least not seen as a top priority. If no one in-house really understands it, this important aspect of marketing is often…
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3.5.2018 in Blog

Online tools for efficient and communicative remote work

More and more companies are admitting the benefits of remote work and long distance communication tools. A video meeting or conference for example not only saves time but also travelling…
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27.3.2018 in Blog

May the creativity be with you – How to master the creative flow

Creativity and inspiration often go hand-in-hand. One can’t really force them but one can, in fact, learn them. Creativity is not only something we are or aren’t born with. Everyone…
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23.1.2018 in Blog

Meaningless work causes depression

Johann Hari, an author of a book “Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions”, went on a quest to find out hard answers to…
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16.1.2018 in Blog

A confession from a HR Manager: I murdered creativity

I’m Anna and I used to be a Dementor. I have since healed and would like to tell you about my journey to positivity. Read and learn. Wannado was founded…
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2.1.2018 in Blog

Information Security risks of remote work

Today, fast Internet connections and smooth communication tools make remote work not only possible but also very effective. What about Information Security in this day and age where work is…
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10.12.2017 in Blog

Stay Home and Save The World

Global warming and its side effects are the greatest, most threatening environmental issue at the moment. Long-term effects will affect nations and their economies in a negative way – not…
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27.10.2017 in Blog

Burst your bubble and get in trouble – international trouble

I’m a shameless problem hunter. Always solving technical, HR, customers’ and personal problems. Developing communication, and exploring new work models and culture. Terrible messes, and some simpler ones too. Chronically,…
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18.10.2017 in Blog

Long-distance work – The great unknown

Today I’m writing this while sitting at Scandinavia Coffee House in Bury St Edmunds. I’m working remotely, and loving every drop of it, just as much as I’m loving my…
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